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Our product is a great alternative to old-fashioned blackboards in schools. It helps teachers explain ideas clearly and well, makes learning enjoyable for students, and gives parents confidence in their child’s education. We provide excellent training and support to build strong, lasting partnerships with the schools we work with.


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// Digital Classroom Solution

Set up a Best Digital Virtual Classroom Solutions with Labtech Studio

Schools, colleges, universities, and online classes are finding it more and more important to have smart classrooms. It’s really important for the people who handle technology in these places to know how to create the best smart classroom for their school or organization.

A good smart and virtual classroom should be easy for students and teachers to use, simple to set up, and not too expensive. Labtech Studio gives a great option for this. It changes regular classrooms into virtual spaces without borders, where students and teachers can talk and interact like they’re in the same room. This kind of learning that you can get anytime helps students learn better, no matter if they’re at school or somewhere else.

Labtech Studio offers a full online classroom package that works on a single communication platform. You just need a decent internet connection in your school, college, or online teaching institute for the best experience. Labtech Studio uses new and useful technology to change how teachers teach and students learn.

Smart classroom technology works well because it uses interesting visual ways of teaching that grab students’ attention better.

Now, let’s look at the basic things you need to set up a successful Smart Virtual Classroom with Labtech Studio.


Desktop , Laptop, Tab Or Mobile With Internet Connectivity

Using technology that students already know, like desktops or laptops, makes them feel more comfortable and confident. They can join the class from home or any faraway place using their preferred device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.

Digital Podium (At Teacher’s Location)


Digital podiums are like modern versions of traditional podiums, but with a built-in touchscreen monitor and a connection for a laptop. They work just like a laptop, with internet access, video and audio, and USB ports. These new podiums are perfect for any smart online classroom, making lectures, seminars, and presentations more advanced. They come with microphones and technology that delivers high-quality audio.

The teacher can use the touchscreen monitor on the podium to control the whiteboard, solving any problems with the audience not being able to see. This helps in better interaction with students or attendees. These sleek designs are a big plus for your smart classroom or auditorium. Labtech Studio offers a wide range of these digital podiums.

Auto Speaker Tracking Camera – The Teacher Can Move Around Freely Without The Need Of An Additional Person To Manage The Camera.

Labtech Studio’s speaker tracking camera uses sound positioning and face detection technology. It has a 12x optical zoom and a wide viewing angle of 72.5 degrees, allowing it to accurately follow the speaker. This camera is smart; it can switch between a close-up of the speaker and a wide view of the whole online classroom as programmed.

This camera is made especially for video conferencing, chatting, streaming, and recording in virtual classrooms and auditoriums. It uses H.264/H.265 video compression and has a 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, making every video call or recording very clear, almost like being there in person. This camera for tracking teachers comes with HDMI, audio output, and audio input, making it easy to use with your current video conferencing system.

The teacher can use the touchscreen monitor on the podium to control the whiteboard, solving any problems with the audience not being able to see. This helps in better interaction with students or attendees. These sleek designs are a big plus for your smart classroom or auditorium. Labtech Studio offers a wide range of these digital podiums.

Student Tracking Camera – Keep Track Of All Students

Labtech Studio’s student tracking camera is a smart PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera designed to automatically track and capture the audience in online classrooms, auditoriums, or conference rooms. It can automatically zoom in and out (up to 20x optical zoom) thanks to its built-in image processing and analysis technology. Setting up these cameras is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

These auto-tracking video conferencing cameras can record high-quality videos (1080p resolution with H.264 video compression) and save them on a local storage module. The camera also includes a static wide-angle lens that allows it to capture a broader view of the classroom.

Where To Use This?

Imagine your math teacher couldn’t come to class because of personal reasons. But since you have an online smart classroom, they plan to connect from their home. In this situation, the student tracking camera sends a really clear video to where your teacher is, so they can see the class just like they were there.

Document Visualizer – Project Your Documents On Large Screen

Document Visualizers are really important in smart classrooms, meeting rooms, or training rooms because they let everyone see shared documents on the screen in full HD. Labtech Studio’s top model, the Labtech Studio’s iVision Beta, is a great example. Its smart camera can zoom in on documents a lot (up to 32x with optical zoom and 16x with digital zoom), so everything is easy to read. You can also turn the camera in any direction (up to 350 degrees) to get a better view of the document.

This camera scanner can connect to a projector, desktop PC, laptop, and displays with RGB output. It also has an HDMI port for sending high-quality video and audio at the same time.

This makes the document visualizer very flexible and easy to use with different devices. It also has extra features like a microphone, two audio inputs (for PC and laptop), and an audio output, so it can send sound along with the documents.

The document visualizer is portable, has a camera cover, a simple control panel, and extra lights on the document tray, making it even more useful.

Audio DSP And Ceiling Microphones – Hear Every Participant Clearly

If you’re looking for a high-quality audio communication system for your training rooms, virtual classrooms, or conference rooms, you should check out the Labtech Studio’s DSP CM Pro. It’s a top choice because of its advanced features. This Voice Collaboration DSP is designed with echo cancellation, noise suppression, and a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), ensuring clear audio.

The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) works with wireless microphones and includes an excellent mixer for smart sound mixing and recording. The audio processing uses the 3rd Generation Auctopus Audio Processing Algorithm for superior sound quality. Additionally, Labtech Studio offers Spherical ceiling microphones that can capture HD audio from up to 10 meters away.

This digital audio processor comes with six 3.81 phoenix interfaces and a bus structure for data transfer, as well as a B-type USB port. It’s fully compatible with your audio and video software, making it a great fit for any virtual classroom setup. Using this Audio DSP and ceiling microphones, you can ensure your virtual classroom has seamless and clear audio.

Interactive Display – Touch Sensitive Display For Interactive Learning


The ultimate aim of online smart classrooms is to present the students with intuitive sessions having more scope for interactions. Labtech Studio’s interactive displays work hand in hand with you to provide the best virtual classroom experience for both on-campus and remote students. One such notable recommendation is Labtech Studio’s Interactive Display T86, a 86 inch display with 16:09 aspect ratio and 3840 x 2160 pixels 4k ultra HD resolution.

With these interactive flat panel, you can write using your finger and also with an interactive pen. This stunning display provides up to 10 touchpoints, that is, you can write with your 10 fingers at the same time. Isn’t that great?! Yes, when installed on a virtual classroom, you could call up to 10 students at a time and make them write on the screen.

This interactive touch display operates both on Windows and Android operating systems, which opens the horizon of embedding interactive tools, exclusive editing tools, and various learning software. The lecturer can plan for fun engaging activities with all the student participants and easily connect to any mobile device like Chromebook, laptops, tablets, ipads which is welcome to be used in schools and universities worldwide.

With the lightweight and slim design and minimal bezel design makes it easy for installation on walls and does not protrude much from the wall.

This modern and wide interactive screen plays a vital role in the smart classroom and also in training rooms easily bringing all the participants in unison. Try our Labtech Studio’s Interactive Display T86.

MultiLocation Video Conferencing For Education That Works Even At Low Bandwidth


When it comes to remote teaching or learning, Labtech Studio’s Omnipresence is an apt multi-location video conferencing solution for conducting virtual smart classroom sessions.

// Digital Classroom Solution

Benefits Of Interactive Flat Panel

  1. Improving the quality of teaching and learning,
  2. Promoting advanced and future-focused education,
  3. Making classroom lessons more interesting,
  4. Enhancing the overall teaching and learning process.

Labtech Studio’s products and solutions play a big role in smart classrooms. They help not just the students who are physically in the classroom, but also those who are joining in from remote locations. These smart classroom solutions from Labtech Studio are a great asset to educational systems that use technology.

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